Chemical signals, much like ants and pheromones, are used by plants to recognize their family.  Something I figured would be an underlying cause but the ramifications of this could change biodiversity and genetic engineering greatly.

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Everyone says ice cream is addictive, well here is the proof (most of it anyways). Now if they can figure out how to regulate Leptin to increase metabolism.


“New studies have found direct evidence of a lung cancer risk from the presence of colorless, odorless radon gas in many homes, a United Nations committee said in a report released Tuesday.”

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I wrote a detailed paper for a class at Harvard about Radon and this was the point to my paper.  There is more of a risk than once thought.  It does not mean to sound the alarm bell but it should not be overlooked where ever you may reside.

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“A newly emerging school of thought suggests that a simple, age-old principle may be part of both the prevention and the cure:  Help others to help yourself”.

I enjoyed the recent study they cite in the article.  There is so much to the brain that we do not understand, we are not even on the tip of the iceberg.  I also enjoyed the article’s discussion of the negative of giving too much.

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I was reading a magazine the other day and ran across a phrase that struck me – “If the sun is not shining on me, at least it is shining on someone else”.

What a nice way to look at it and avoid some of our self pity.  My day is total rubbish but at least someone is having a good day.  Of course the skeptic would think what if the sun is shining on no one today?  If this were true, then what a world we live in.

I was quickly browsing the health and environment page at MSN and found this interesting article.  This issue is of great concern for me, why I study medicine and the environment.  I am for pharmaceutical medications but not as run off for bio accumulation in other species.  The drug manufacturing process must be controlled through the entire life cycle, even the by products.

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What about the school’s in our nation, are they safe?  As buildings have become more advanced in construction so to has the Indoor Air Quality problems.  This is a very interesting special report about toxic chemicals that are located near schools and the health concerns that they may cause.

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The other day a patient was complaining how negative the world has become and that got me to thinking.  Why is the world so negative and the mystical past of better times so much better?  This is not an original thought or concept but the uniqueness for me was how I could apply it.  I saw the patient later that week and asked what have you done today that was positive?  Meaning if every person did one kind gesture a day how much nicer the world would be (again not original).  The spring in the mental step that is gained by a smile from a stranger, helping hand, etc. can not be measured.  It is a habit that must be mastered.  We must strive everyday to do our best, not comparing notes.  We can not let the actions of others determine our lives.  ‘He is always complaining’ leads to a negative action on our part, sort of a defense mechanism ingrained in our thinking.  We as a person lose while the overall negative world gains.  A few weeks later the patient came back and shared with me how now volunteering time at the church was helping him see a whole new insight into the world.

The interesting part is how by helping this patient with their view of the world it was also affecting mine.  It helped to show me how I had put up walls to brace myself from the negative impact of life.  I started to accept life in the ‘now’ and retrain my thinking of how to not absorb the negative but accept the positive.  I envisioned a mailbox that accepted all mail.  Sorted it for the positive mail and the negative could be left there for someone to stamp ADDRESS UNKNOWN, RETURN TO SENDER!

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